Alaska Mileage Plan

Mileage Card Security Features

Alaska Mileage Plan – Security Features

As Alaska Airlines is one of the reputed and most preferred airlines among other competitors, security of customer data is prime concern for them. For that, it offers stringent Security features, so that, whoever is using Alaska VISA Credit Card and its Mileage Plan may have peace of mind during spending on purchases in and with Alaska Airlines. Alaska Mileage Card Security Features are explained in details for your better understanding. Alaskasworld is having its online portal to manage things better.


Stay Protected

At any point of time, if Alaska Airline observes any suspicious activity on your Alaska VISA Credit Card, they immediately block such potential fraud attempt. Also, they let you know about such fraudulent action, so that, the next time when you use your card, you use it with a little more care. In case, in spite of such strict surveillance any fraud happens, then the Alaska VISA Credit Card holder get a $0 Liability Guarantee.

Chip Cards

Newly enhanced chip technology enabled cards provide you greater security and shield against potential frauds during purchases. Alaska is having chip enabled card terminals in over 130 countries worldwide.

Overdraft Protection

Alaska’s Mileage Card Security Features offer an optional service of Overdraft Protection. During travelling, if anytime your card transaction declines, this overdraft protection facility will prevent such declined purchase. It also helps in the case of returning checks. For that, you simply have to link your card with eligible Bank of America account by paying just applicable transfer fee.

Paperless Statement Option

Alaska Credit Card offers an option registering on which, one can opt for paperless credit card statements. This option will increase account security and you can also contribute in saving our environment and planet by minimizing paper consumption.

Digital Wallet Technology

This card can be linked with your existing eligible bank account. Using this option, you can load/top up digital wallets and also load balance in mobile apps. Now, when you do online shopping or visit store in personal, you can pay by mobile apps such as Apple Pay®, Google Pay™ or Samsung Pay. You need not to carry hard cash.

Online & Mobile Banking

There is continuous advancement in online and mobile banking technology. Now you can securely access your bank account and manage your Alaska’s Credit Card, almost from anywhere. By registering your card, you can auto pay for your utility bills, mobile bills and manage funds.  With mobile banking facility you can actually do even more.

Account Alerts

Selecting option of getting account alerts and notifications, you can have a check on your balances and due dates. Next time whenever, billing due dates are coming closer, a notification of such due payments appear as a alerts on your mobile screen. So that, you never miss any due dates and can save money by avoiding late payment fees.

FICO Score

This card offers a regular update of FICO score within net banking and mobile banking. The FICO Score is a 3-digit number which is derived by analysing your account and Credit Card activity. Such score is an average number of 3 major credit card scrutinizing agencies. These agencies prepare consumer credit report at certain intervals. FICO score is essential in 90% of personal loan decisions. By FICO score, loan agencies can analyse credit risk. If your FICO score is poor, then it may happen that loan agencies can ask you for higher loan interest rate.

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