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COVID-19 (Coronavirus): Alaska Airlines Sanitization


As per current reports, COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is spreading across 70+ countries and this numbers are growing rapidly. Considering this severity, Alaska Airlines has already started taking actions on ground as well as on air. This shows the true dedication of Alaska Airlines towards their customers.

Coronavirus prevention guidelines are already out by US Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). There is nothing to panic about, with some precautionary steps, one can prevent the infection. Such statements encourage Americans not to worry and continue with their inevitable travelling plans to California, Oregon and Washington.

To eliminate infection spreading possibilities, Alaska Airlines has already started sanitization process both inside the fleet and on ground lounges. The core focus of the sanitization team within Alaska Air cabin is on Arm rests, Seat fastening belts, behind the seat trays, Air vents, light and help buttons, door handles, window sliders, baggage storage etc.


In Plane Sanitization

  • Between flights robust cleaning according to the strict work procedures.
  • Single use cups also in First Class.
  • During serving of food and beverages hand gloves are compulsory.
  • Suspension of warm hand towels in First Class. Also, discontinuation of on-board recycling for a couple of weeks. However, recycling process will continue in Horizon Air on waste material from water and juices.
  • Informing and educating passengers to keep hand sanitizer with them throughout the journey.

Alaska Airlines boards at Oneworld

A great news was coming from Alaska Airlines a couple of week earlier. Alaska Airlines was going to join Oneworld after so many long waiting years. This airline giant is also gearing up its Code Sharing legal tie ups with American Airlines. By doing this, Alaska Airlines will increase the number of their international fleets. This will directly challenge its rivals in the region such as Delta. Furthermore, with the closure of Air Italy, it is clearly indicating that European airlines are getting in dusty positions.

Alaskasworld alliance with OneWorld

Alaska’s LIFT Miles Program supports Forest Restoration

Forest restoration is becoming more and more popular among young generation and volunteers working with the “National Forest Foundation”. Previous year’s forest restoration and natural forest trails repairing figures are, almost 67,000 acres and 125 miles respectively. NFF members are attending hot spots which are strategically important and are more prone to disasters. Their main target areas include Tahoe National Forest and American River Ranger district near Sacramento.


The members of Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan help such kind of initiatives and NFF programs. This is purely to regenerate and protect nationwide forests and grassland ecosystems. The donation from Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan, comes in the form of reward miles. Using this miles, NFF staff members can travel to potential sites throughout National Forest System, starting from Alaskasworld to Washington. Till date, total of 5 million miles have been donated for this noble cause. Only in 2019, the NFF members have travelled 1 million miles or may be more than that. According to the CEO of NFF, such donation allows them to conduct their mission for the betterment of ecosystem and hence, humanity.

Helping Alaskan young crowd to get in mainstream


During the summer, Alaskan crew members get themselves busy in the conservation activities. Such as maintenance of natural trails, Eco campsites, restoration of forest habitat, clearing of debris and more. Such initiative will be helpful to Alaskan young crowd to enter in mainstream and public lands. This way the participants and volunteers can also acquire professional skills and personal developments.

Hard & Sincere work is Paid Off: 23000 Employees of AlaskasWorld

Around 23,000 AlaskasWorld employees will receive approximately a month’s salary as an extra incentive. As per AlaskasWorld President Ben Minicucci, their employees are the real soul of AlasksWorld’s business. According to him, this is the actual reason, that Alaska Air is an award winning brand today. The progress of this airline is undoubtedly the result of employees hard and honest efforts. For, this they work day and night without even thinking of holidays. And this is only to provide the world best services to the guest on board. Alaskasworld online portal has a major role in it.


According, to the AlaskasWorld President, they are going to share a certain percentage of their profit between their employees. This amount is more than $130 million, and individual share will be around 1 salary. Furthermore, this equals 7% of their annual salary payments. This is in addition to their routine $20 million monthly target achievement bonus.

Bifurcation of Performance Based Pay (PBP) in 2013 by domain

  • $70 million for Annual Bonus – This is 53% of the total of being paid to Alaska  Airlines and Horizon Air staff in Washington.
  • $31 million – This is 23% of total, for employees throughout California.
  • $13 million – For employees in Oregon
  • $9 million – For staff throughout Alaska State.



In order to promote sustainable aviation, Microsoft and Alaska Airlines joins their hands by using biofuel.


Recently, a change in Alaska Air Group top leader is seen. So, now Ben Minicucci, successor of current CEO Brad Tilden will take the charge of this air giant.


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