Alaska Mileage Card - Reward Plan

Alaska Mileage Plan – Reward Card

Alaska Mileage Plan – Reward Card

Airline Rewards VISA Credit Card

Alaska Mileage Plan is a specially designed program which helps frequent flyer. This kind of program encourages travelers to fly with Alaska Airlines or with its partners using such Airline Reward VISA Credit Cards. Using it, you can book your accommodation, hotel packages, vacation bookings etc. just like other credit cards. It offers various travel benefits like bonus miles, free checked travel bags, discounted airfares etc. Someone who is frequent flyer may even become eligible to purchase a free air travel ticket by paying from collected miles/points. Some of the excited features are explained under tag “Alaska Mileage Card – Features”.


Alaska Mileage Plan – How to Apply?

To apply for Alaska Mileage Plan, you should follow a certain defined procedure. You must fill a simple application form and submit it online. This will get you a response in as little time as 60 seconds. This procedure is mentioned below in simple steps for easy understanding. Alaskasworld plan is better in all respect.

  • Enter your provided Mileage Plan number, and if you don’t have any, you will get one.
  • Key in your First Name
  • Key in your Middle Name, which is not compulsory to enter
  • Enter your Last Name
  • Select Suffix from drop-down menu, which is again not compulsory


  • Enter Residential Address details along with City, State and ZIP Code details. To receive statement on other address, click on the check box.
  • Provide your Primary Phone Number, either Mobile or Home Phone. Alaska will use this number to send you text message or pre-recorded messages related to account services
  • Enter your E-mail address. Valid email address is required to get in touch with you and for your security. On successful approval of your Alaska VISA Credit Card and its Mileage Plan, customer care will send you information about important account updates. Check also Credit Card Login information of similar credit cards.


Additional Details

  • Answer questions regarding your Citizenship
  • Key in your Country of Residence
  • Enter your Date of Birth
  • Enter your Employment Status
  • Key in your Total Annual Income in USD. If you don’t want to reveal child support or separate maintenance income and do not wish to have it considered as a basis for repayment, don’t include in the Total Annual Income figure.


  • Key in your Primary Source of Income, whether it is from Employment, Business, Trust, Interest, Retirement Income, Social Security etc.
  • Finally provide your Monthly Housing Payment amount
  • If you want to add a card holder, it can be possible. For that, click on the check box and provide details of additional card holder


  • To end with, click the button, “Save and Continue”
  • It will take you to other window to review all the details you have provided. Here if you want to edit any information, you can do that.


  • Finally click on “Submit my Application” button to end the process.

Already a Customer? – Alaska Airlines Mileage Login.

  • If you already are registered with net banking, you simply go with Sign In option, where you have to enter only your Online ID and Passcode. It will automatically fetch details which makes application process much easier.
  • If you don’t have net banking or mobile banking access, click on “Enroll”. Then after provide Card or Account Number (Last 6 Digits) and Social Security Number (SSN) or Tax ID Number (TIN) and submit.
  • In case, you don’t have SSN or TIN number, click on “Don’t have an SSN or TIN?” button. Then provide Debit Card Number (Last 6 Digits) and ATM Card PIN. And then click on “Continue”.


In case, you forget your Online ID or Passcode, then you can retrieve that information by clicking on “Sign In Help Options”. Then click on the relevant button and provide some information to authorize your credentials. Alaska Airlines Mileage Login will allow you to mange all your card data online. You will get information on your official E-mail and on your bank registered mobile number.

Scheduling an Appointment Online


This option works well for those who are very busy or having difficulties spare time during job hours. In such cases, they can use an option of “Scheduling an Appointment Online”. This can offer you a suitable way to save time and make the most of your scheduled meeting with Alaska. By Scheduling an appointment, you will get following benefits:

  • You can speak to a specialist at your convenient time – without waiting in line
  • You can communicate your concerned subject in advance so that, Alaska’s Customer Service Executive can prepare the things.
  • A specialist person will be answering all your queries at financial center

If you want to meet the customer care executive in personal, you can go directly to financial center and meet with an associate without making an appointment. It is not necessary that, you find your desired topic in the list of services. You can select the topic which is most similar to your doubt, and can also include more information in the remark section to get your query solved.

Concluding Remarks

In short, you’ll receive your new Alaska VISA Credit Card in 7-10 business days. After your credit card application is submitted successfully and approved. Secondly, you can also apply for this card on phone. For that, call 800.932.2775. Please mention priority code: FY002Q.

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