Alaska Airlines Careers

Alaska Airlines Careers

Alaska Airlines Careers Benefits


Undoubtedly, both Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air offers various career opportunities working with them. In most cases, Alaska Airlines jobs consider your basic qualification and previous working experience. Also, on that basis you will get placement and job location. Therefore, Alaska Airlines Careers and Horizon Air Career has its own online web portals to search for an opportunity.


Alaska Airlines Careers


As well as, applicant can send a mail along with CV to Alaska Airlines HR team. The email address for this is Furthermore, those who are having disability can contact by sending mail on


Benefits of Alaska Airlines Careers


Obviously, being one of the most reputed and known airline, working with Alaska Airlines is a dream for everyone. In order to serve its employees, it offers many exciting benefits and perks to them. Alaska Mileage Plan is one of such beneficial program or plan for the employee. Some of the benefits are as below.


Health and Wellness Benefits


  • Comprehensive Health Insurance and Health Care
  • Programs and training modules for keeping employee active
  • In addition, Periodic paid time off
  • Sick leaves, family leaves, casual leaves, maternity or paternity leaves etc.
  • Frequent guided programs for the empowerment of overall employee development


AlaskaAir Jobs


Professional Development and Knowledge Upgradation


  • Ascend programs for Inter airline transfer between Alaska Air and Horizon Air
  • Also, Financial Aid for employee knowledge upgradation and learning
  • Scholarship benefits for employee and their family members
  • Online Study modules and classes to enhance knowledge and career development


Travel Benefits in Alaska Airlines Careers


  • Apart from Alaska Air and Horizon Air, restricted travel with other airlines
  • Unlimited free travelling in Alaska Airlines and Horizon Airlines by employee
  • Discounted rates for family members within Alaska Air and Horizon Air
  • Exclusive travel opportunities
  • Furthermore, Free Air travel insurance
  • Visit #iamalaska to get travel ideas


Financial Benefits of Alaska Airlines Job


  • 401k with company match
  • Bonus Programs on Quarterly and Annual basis
  • Payment on Holidays
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  • In addition, Exciting discounts for employee at some popular travel firms and retailers
  • Employee donations on favourite causes
  • Alaska Air Group Credit Union for financial help and support


Other Benefits of Alaska Airlines Careers


  • Employee Recognition Program
  • Events and celebrations for employee and their family members
  • Employee-only tickets for sports events, musical concerts, theater etc.
  • Besides that, Post-Retirement benefits
  • Furthermore, opportunities to participate in community events


Alaska Airlines Careers & Horizon Air Job Areas


In order to work for both this airlines, there are different areas in which one can apply for job and career. They are;


  • Pilots
  • Flight Attendants
  • Maintenance & Engineering
  • Software & Technology
  • Corporate
  • Contact Centres
  • Airport Customer Service
  • Interns


Equal Employment Opportunity in Alaskasworld


Undoubtedly, Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air offers Equal Employment Opportunity. In addition, it is also an Affirmative Action Employer which believes in working with diversified communities. Provided that, Alaskasword make sure that it gives firm opportunity regardless sex, color, region, cast, orientation, gender, nation, age, physical status, legal status etc. Conversely, Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air also employs qualified manpower with criminal background or legal and federal history. Therefore, they consider it as an affirmative action plan and a right to work. Alaska Airlines also offers efficient online web portal of Alaskasworld PET Login for employee.




Payment Transparency


Especially within the organization, transparency is given the highest importance and weightage. In case, any of the employee want to know the details of payments, compensations, perks etc. of other employee, they are always welcome. Within Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air, nothing is secret. Also, at the time of city contract, it provides similar benefits to employees with spouse and employees with domestic partner wherever essential.


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