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AlaskasWorld – PET Login

AlaskasWorld…A Web Portal: For instance, it is very obvious, that reading “AlaskasWorld” at the first time, creates an impression of something which is related to geographical region in the extreme northern side of the globe. But, AlaskasWorld is a dedicated web portal for Paperless Employee Travel (PET). Specifically, in this blog, all relevant information is drafted in very easy and simple to understand language. As a result, it will answer all possible queries related to AlaskasWorld Login. This portal allows employees to travel/fly throughout the world. Reading below mentioned info, things like AlaskasWorld – A Paperless Employee Travel (PET) Login and Alaskasworld Fly Login, will be very clear.


Notably, the company has one of the largest on-board employee base with satisfaction ratings very high. Hence, it keeps tremendous care of relevant persons and always keeping them happy by programs like loyalty rewards points. Using such programs customers can earn miles based reward points. This reward points encourage them to travel even more. Also, in case of any flight delay, it provides free lounge access, restaurant vouchers, Wifi passwords etc. Such services can AlaskasWorld Logoincrease customer satisfaction to some extent. Free cocktail parties for customers who are celebrating their anniversary on board. Furthermore, for employees they provide bonus as a token of an appreciation of their hard work.

AlaskasWorld – Paperless Employee Travel (PET) Login

AlaskasWorld: PET Login

AlaskasWorld Paperless Employee Travel (PET) is a web portal which is designed to provide information about the employees of Alaska Air (Alaska Airlines) and Horizon Air travels. Using this web portal, employees can easily and speedy access and manage their flight related information and hence save time.

For Log In, following listed details needed.

  • Employee ID
  • Password
  • AlaskasWorld PET – Password
  • Alaska Air (Alaska Airlines) / Horizon Air – Employee ID
  • It is basic necessary requirement is to have a login account with AlaskasWorld PET or Horizon Air, whichever you want to manage details for.
  • User ID and password to login to the respective web portal.


All the official employees of either Alaska Air or Horizon Air travels are provided with a User ID and Password at the time of joining these firms. Using these details, employees can Login to their official AlaskasWorld portal and manage the flight information efficiently. So, basically it is mandatory to have such information. And if it is not available, you must get that first.

 AlaskasWorld – Step by step guide to log in

  • Step-1 – Visit the official website at
  • Step-2: Click on Paperless Employee Travel (PET) or Fly and you will now see the Alaskasworld PET/Fly login page. 


  • Step-3: This is Employee Login page. From drop-down menu, Select the company that you work with. 
  • Step-4: Enter an Employee ID and Password. Also, by clicking on “Remember me?” check box, your login credentials will be memorized by google. So that, next time when you login on this web portal, you need not to remember your password, as google will fetch the data from its memory.
  • Step-5: There will the option for Change Password, Forget Password, Manage Profile, Create Password. Select the last option and create a new password. If needed you can also select another option as suitable.

Alaskas World-PET-Login-Forgot-Password

  • Step-6: In addition, if you forgot your password then, by clicking on “Forgot Password” tab, you will get a form as shown above. You simply have to key in your email address and captcha. After that, you will get password reset link in your email ID.

Customer Care

In case of unavailability of internet or any other issues, if site access is not possible, then you can make the connection by dialing their customer care number 1-800-252-7522 (1-800-ALASKA AIR).

Final Wordings…

To conclude, AlaskaWorld is an intelligent web portal which allows the employees to manage number of services and data. As a matter of fact, you can access this portal both from Desktop Computers and Mobiles. With a very little input, the ocean of information is being made available to connect the global world. Especially, AlaskasWorld always try to encourage their employees with exciting bonus, perks and cash benefits. According to AlaskasWorld, the real asset is their employees who work hard continuously to make Alaska Airline the world best and retain that possible for longer period.

New Developments in Alaska Airlines…

COVID-19 (Coronavirus): Alaska Airlines Sanitization

As per current reports, COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is spreading across 70+ countries and this numbers are growing rapidly. Considering this severity, Alaska Airlines has already started taking actions on ground as well as on air. This shows the true dedication of Alaska Airlines towards their customers. For further reading Click Here.

Alaska Airlines Careers

Both, Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air offers various career opportunities working with them. In most cases, Alaska Airlines jobs consider your basic qualification and previous working experience. Also, on that basis you will get placement and job location. Therefore, Alaska Airlines Careers and Horizon Air Career has its own online web portals to search for an opportunity.


2 Ways to Boost Status – Alaskasworld


In order to boost your current status, there are two Elite-Qualifying Mile (EQM) options being offered. This will help the customers to boost their current status to the next level.

Particularly, it might be known by you that, under this Boost Status exclusive feature, your existing status on December, 2020, will change to next level and will be extended till the end of 2021. In case, you don’t have that elite status and waiting or trying to get if for the first time in the next coming level, it is also possible now. In other words, Alaska Airlines making it easier to achieve that with bonus EQM offers. Also, travelers can get the benefit of it both in the air and on the ground.


Fly and Earn 50% EQM Bonus


In order to get exclusive EQM bonus, fly with Alaska Airlines between specific dates. These dates are from 1st June, 2020 to 31st December, 2020. If you fly between this dates, you get 50% more Alaska Mileage Plan EQM.


Swipe and Earn Up to 10,000 EQM


Additionally, under this scheme, you can earn 2,500 EQM on spending every $5000 using your Alaska Airlines VISA Card. Further, this is valid between 1st June, 2020 to 30th September, 2020, conditions apply.


Benefits of Elite Status in Alaskasworld


  • Get two checked bags for you and your travelling companion on the same reservation.
  • Exclusive Priority boarding.
  • Receive complementary upgrades when available.
  • You get bonus miles on base miles earned.
  • Exclusive access to preferred seating with dedicated customer support phone lines.


Meanwhile, this is the best time to get the Elite status. Hence, take the advantage of this exciting offer and earn Elite status in the year 2020 with American Airlines and Oneworld perks initializing summer-2021, conditions apply.



Aviation Biofuel Deal – Alaskasworld

Recently, an aviation biofuel deal comes in existence between Alaska Airlines, Microsoft and SkyNRG. In order to promote sustainable aviation, this deal was signed. So, this will help in reduction and counter CO2 emissions. All Microsoft employees travelling to top 3 airports in California, will have to travel through Alaska Airlines to encourage use of biofuel for sustainable travelling. Importantly, such initiative will encourage other aviation giants to think of such sustainable journeys.




Joining Hands – Alaska Airlines & Oneworld


Alaska Airlines along with Delta and United Airlines, banned almost 900 passengers as they refuse to wear masks


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